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I find the subject of swearing extremely fascinating from a language lover’s point of view. When you travel abroad to a country speaking a different language than yours, swearwords are among the first words you pick up as they are overwhelmingly present in nowadays everyday life.

The way those swearwords are used and combined with ‘regular’ language reveal  a lot about the culture of a country, especially when you start looking at their etymology.

Warning : As the subject of

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In the series of Funny Shop Names(funny from a French perspective), a Dutch friend of mine sent me a couple of pictures which are rather amusing and which I’d like to share.

If you are a Dutch shop owner and you wish to use a French name for your shop (to benefit from the classy image French seems to have), you need to  be sure that your fellow countrymen will pronounce your shop name correctly even if they don’t speak French.

Francophile Dutch shop owners have used cunning phonetic spelling of their shop names to ensure that they would be pronounced correctly.

Here is the Dutchified version of Déjà-Vu

Another creative approach is to use

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In my search for language-related videos, I came across Mind Your Language, a British comedy TV series from 1977 which I had never seen before and which I found rather hilarious.

Mr Brown, played by the late British actor Barry Evans, is a young teacher hired in a school for adults to teach English as a Foreign Language to a crowd of students from various horizons and very diverse levels of English.

The series Mind Your Language focuses on stereotypes from different countries as seen from a British perspective, explores multi-cultural interactions between students, which often are a great source of funny misunderstandings.

Student nationalities represented in the season 1 of the series are :
Italy, Germany, China, Japan, India, Greece, Spain, Pakistan and France.

Here is the very first episode of Mind Your Language

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One thing I like doing when travelling abroad is looking at signs, shop names, leaflets etc… which usually are a great source of language fun.

When the biting cold wind and the snow blizzard forces you to seek refuge in shopping malls while travelling in Norway, just look around at shop names to seek comfort. Some of them are rather funny. Here are a couple of examples I found in Norway this Christmas.

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While searching for ukulele videos in various languages, I stumbled upon this page. As stated at the top of the page, “This page is a simplified edition of an original Japanese page and has been translated by machine”.

As a lover of languages, I have always been wary of machine translation. But I must say, it certainly keeps me entertained.

Here are some quotes taken from the page :

“Rakuten has many shops with many different kinds of products. Usually, the shops will ship your purchases directly to you. “

Does this mean that they sometimes ship your purchases to somebody else instead ?


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