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As you may or may not have noticed, I have considerably slowed down on my blog writing lately. Fear not, although I have made myself scarce to reflect on some essential life questions, I have no intention of giving up writing about Ukulele and Languages and I am hoping to come back to speed from November 2011 onward.

While I have been taking time off the blog, Al Wood, the witty web author of Uke Hunt has striven and achieved the amazing mark of 1500 posts written. Being a blogger, I can easily imagine what kind of hard work, tenacity, creativity and organization such a feat requires.

Hard Times Come Again No More by Stephen Fosters, ukulele cover by Al.

2011 is definitely Al Wood‘s year as he has also written a book, Ukulele for Dummies which has recently been published.

These amazing achievements make Al Wood a forefront contributor to the ukulele community.  I wanted to hear how Al felt about it all so I asked him a few questions.

U&L: In the interview I did of you a couple of years ago, I asked you where you saw yourself in 10 years time. This is what you said :

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I have discovered the French band Stoned Popes a couple of months ago and I have really enjoyed the mood brightening effect their songs had. The band features a ukulele and their songs have a catchy rhythm and feature many instruments, borrowing from different musical styles.

I couldn’t resist asking them a few questions to find out more about their music.

U&L: When and how was your band Stoned Popes formed ? Can you tell us a little about the different members of the band, where everybody is from and what instruments everyone is playing ?

Stoned Popes: The band in its current form was formed two years ago in Paris by 6 crazy frenchies:

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I have featured a cool video of  Les Poupées Gonflées in one of my Weekly Ukulele World Tour post before and when I saw that they were about to release an album in which the ukulele played an important part, I set out to interview Valérie Charlot, the ukulele player in the band. Valérie seems to be seriously smitten by UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome).

Version française de l’interview des Poupées Gonflées ici.

Here is my translation of the interview. To read the original version in French, click here.

U&L: How was the band Les Poupées Gonflées formed? Can you introduce the different band members?

Valérie: Les Poupées Gonflées have been around for a year and a half but I started writing songs in the Poupées Gonflées style about 2 years ago. After writing my first originals, I started looking for accomplices!

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Ouille aïe aïe!

Voici la version française (et originale) de l’interview de Valérie Charlot, l’ukuléliste des Poupées Gonflées. To read the English version of the interview, click here.

U&L: Comment est né le groupe Les Poupées Gonflées et peux-tu présenter les différentes membres du groupe et les instruments dont chacune joue?

Valérie: Les Poupées Gonflées existent depuis un an et demi, mais j’ai commencé à écrire dans ‘l’esprit  Poupées’ il y a deux ans

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If you are from the US, the UK, New-Zealand, Australia or Germany or any French big city then chances are ukulele playing is not so uncommon to you.

But what is it like for ukulele players from parts of the world where the uke is not so readily available ?

Today I’m interviewing Marcelo Mendes from Brazil to find out a bit more about ukulele playing in Brazil. Marcelo is among the first to have picked up the uke in Brazil and has just released an EP called No Embalo Do Helicoptero.

Here is a track from the EP called Eu perdi a minha paz

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