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Our world tour takes us to Ukraine today, where we meet Eugen Manzhenko, the first Ukrainian ukulele  player to upload videos to YouTube.

If you feel a bit down, Eugen‘s videos should bring a smile back on your face. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, there is an underlying feel of optimism in his songs and a real sense of fun which I really enjoy.

I was very curious to find out about ukulele playing in Ukraine and Eugen has very kindly agreed to answer my questions.


U&L : You are the only Ukrainian ukulele player I have seen on YouTube. How did you discover the ukulele ?

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The very first fingerpicking e-book that I purchased was Rob MacKillop‘s 20 Celtic Fingerstyle Uke Tunes which I enjoy greatly. Even though I bought the e-book in April, I’m far from finished with it as there are a few challenging pieces that I haven’t even tried to play yet.

In order to find out a bit more about Rob MacKillop, I have asked him a few questions. But first things first, let’s hear him play in this flamencolele, a flamenco improvisation played on a Koloa UK-600 :

U&L : I read on your website that you actually started to play the ukulele at the age of eight then went over to the guitar before coming back to the uke : did your playing the ukulele influence the way you played guitar or did the guitar way take over and influence the way you play the uke now ?

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Interviewing Al aka Woodshed, the webmaster from Ukulele Hunt, also described as the world’s handsomest ukulele blogger, had to be very special for three main reasons :

Uke Hunt is my absolute favourite ukulele blog.

– I have a lot of respect for Al, for his tireless contribution to the ukulele community, for having managed to make a living out of something he was really passionate about. I also love his writing style, his sharp sense of humour and extreme use of self-derision. And I admire his outstanding ukulele skills.

Al has been very inspirational and helpful and it is partly thanks to him that this very blog has taken shape.

Since I am no match for Al‘s wit, what better introduction than to ask him if there was something he would like to be asked about ?

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I have been quite impressed by Tim’s take on John King/James Hill version of Lary O’Gaff so I decided to contact him for an interview.

Tim (aka ukuleletim) lives in Austin, Texas in the United-States and started to play the ukulele in September 2008, a bit more than a year ago.

By means of an introduction, and before we move on to the questions, let’s listen to Tim, playing Tico Tico, a Brazilian song

U&L :  You’re initially a guitar player. Why did you choose to play the ukulele ? What do you like about the ukulele ?

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Our world tour of classical ukulele players is now bringing us to Germany , the country of residence of Wilfried Welti, a Swiss citizen with the ability to make even the cheapest uke sound great.

I contacted Wilfried a couple of weeks ago and what first started like a standard interview became a very rich exchange on how to play classical ukulele. Wilfried has been extremely helpful and I am very grateful for the time he spent answering my numerous questions, with great enthusiasm and patience, providing me with a wealth of useful details.

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