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I’m taking advantage of a two-day work trip to Aix-les-Bains to share a few lovely views from Lake Bourget, Savoie, France, as I know some of my regular readers to be keen on my Fluke pictures.

The great thing is that I have been travelling alone which means I have been free to do whatever I liked after work hours. I’ve been lucky to be finished early enough to take a long stroll around the lake, in time to watch the sun set over the Cat’s Tooth peak (La Dent du Chat). I even found a great spot to play my uke without being disturbed.

Contemplation is a very relaxing activity in which I like to indulge, especially after the eventful and testing past weeks.

Sunset over Lake Bourget. Notice the Cat’s Tooth peak to the left.

A view over snowy mountain peaks in the distance…

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