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Where I live, temperature often lies around 35-38 degrees Celsius (95 F – 100,4 F) in the summer and I must admit that I am not too fond of the heat. I am therefore quite happy when the time for our long drive to Norway arrives.

One summer, we left home in the usual blazing heat, and started our drive northwards. Every 200 kms or so (about 124 miles), the temperature dropped a couple of degrees, much to my relief. When we reached Kiel in the North of Germany, it got much more breathable. From Kiel we boarded the ferry to Göteborg in Sweden.

If you have ever wondered if anyone actually read the signs displayed in different parts of the ferry, well I do.  Contrarily to what you might first think, they can be highly amusing. Here is an example :

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After quite a few almost sleepless nights spent working on redesigning Ukulele & Languages, it is finally ready to go online.
I am very pleased to have a blog which is now independant and self-hosted!

A zillion thanks to my husband Morten who has created a WordPress theme from scratch so it is specifically tailored to Ukulele & Languages. It has been a very constructive family project with many things we learnt in the process of designing.

In order to familiarise yourself with the new design, I recommend you read the About section.

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Update : this post was published at my previous blog address so the redesign has already taken place. I would however still appreciate any feedback you would like to give on the blog.


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Thanks to great family work I now have a logo to add personality to my blog. My mum had invented curious creatures called Schmolpz a long time ago and they have populated my childhood through my mum’s numerous drawings. My mum had even created a handwritten Schmolpz book to teach me to read, so when I thought about creating a logo for my blog, I naturally requested a Schmolpz

The drawing was one thing, and integrating it into the

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Les vacances d’été en Norvège s’annonçaient bien cette année… À notre arrivée, le mercure affichait gaiement les 27 degrés. Le soleil me faisait oublier que ma valise avait raté la connexion pour Oslo à l’aéroport de Munich.
Les enfants étaient ravis, les premiers tours en bateau sont un succès.

Hélas, dès le 3ème jour, la chance tourne. Le soleil boude et fait place à un temps capricieux et instable, les nuages défilent sans trêve dans un ciel chargé de chagrin.

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