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Today I’m inviting you to Italy where we meet Lorenzo Vignando, aka Ukulollo, who describes himself humorously on his YouTube channel: “I don’t know if I’m a ukulele player who likes movies or a filmaker who likes to play the ukulele…”. Whichever, he certainly is a talented ukulele enthusiast !

Lorenzo was many ukers’ favourite contestant for the Bushman World Ukulele Contest 2009 where he came second and has also been nominated for Uke Hunt‘s 2009 Video of the Year.

He has made quite an impression on the ukulele world with his multiple personality rendition of Ravel‘s Bolero. I have been wondering how much work was necessary to create such a great video and asked Lorenzo a few questions which he very readily answered.

Since we cannot get enough of this video, let’s first watch Ravel‘s Bolero by Ukulollo. Ukulolollo by the way is a one-man band, defined by Lorenzo as “me, myself, lollorpool, krenfilm and other hidden personalities”.

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