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I was at the same time pleased and embarrassed when I was asked for the tab for my original tune Maelström. Pleased in the sense that it felt great to hear that a piece of music I had written was appreciated and embarrassed because I had never thought of ever tabbing Maelström, having but very little knowledge of music theory.

I have written Maelström completely ‘by ear’, relying only on how pleasant it sounded to my ears. So …

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I have been rather distracted this week with the arrival of my new ukulele last Friday, a Pono MB Baritone ukulele. As a result there won’t be any Ukulele Weekly World Tour  this week.

I ordered my Pono baritone from , a French website selling ukes. I can really recommend the site as I received top service and the owner was very helpful and friendly when I called to enquire about my uke.

This Pono Baritone MB is made of solid mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and came with Ko’olau strings.

A baritone ukulele is very different from the other ukes and the best way to discover its  character is to play it till your fingers are sore. That’s exactly what I have been doing instead of looking for ukulele videos from around the world.

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