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The focus of this World Tour will be mainly on instrumental fingerstyle ukulele from around the world but I’ve also featured a couple of  other videos with singing.

1. Poland

Pawel‘s ukulele arrangement of Sen o Warszawie (The dream about Warsaw) by Czesław Niemen performed on a Makapili koa tenor ukulele.

2. Belgium

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Today our ukulele trip  takes us to New-Zealand _ or Aotearoa in Māori _ and the Pacific islands where we’ll discover two ukulele bands.

The first band, Pacific curls, consists of 3 girls, one Māori, one Rotuman (from the island of Rotuma, a Fijian dependency) and a Scots.

Listen to this Māori song, Ka Pa Te Karanga, performed by the Pacific Curls. In this song, the band is successfully blending a traditional Māori flute (porutu) with ukulele and cajon. Check this page for beautiful pictures of Taonga Puoro, the Māori traditional instruments.

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Today I have concocted an English-speaking-countries uke trip which I hope you will enjoy.

1. Ireland

A fun original song by Barry from Dún Laoghaire _ I swear, it rhymes! _. It’s such a long time since I left Ireland now that I have to double check the spelling. Time flies !

The song is called Anywhere The Weather’s Not Too Bad. Warning : some instruments shown on the video can be misleading.

2. United-Kingdom

UkeTubeUK does a cover of Minnie the Moocher

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Looking for ukulele videos these days is very annoying with about 10 000 uploads a day (I’m hardly exagerating) of the same video of the little Asian kid doing a cover of I’m Yours. Still, I managed to find a few Christmas songs from around the world for you to  enjoy !

1. France

Petit Papa Noël covered by the Good Vibes Ukulele Orchestra. They should have called themselves “The Rolling Ukes”.

Le Père Noël by sur1étoile

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I’ve been so taken in my search for ukulele songs in rare languages that I have scarcely written about ukulele songs from English-speaking countries.

In order to amend myself, today’s post will be about New-Zealand. Why New-Zealand ? Apart from having a great Ukulele Orchestra which you are all already familiar with, my curiosity was piqued by this video :

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