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I am writing this post on the 17th of May which means that my Norwegian readers might find it rather strange _ if not slightly offending _ that I post about Sweden today.

Syttende mai (17. mai) is Norway‘s national day, a day when streets  fill up with children brandishing Norwegian flags all around Norway in memory of the 17th of May 1814, date at which the Constitution of Norway was signed and Norway declared an independent nation.

However, …

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Time for another World Uke Tube !

This should brighten your day in case the weather is as dull where you are as it is here today. If it isn’t, please send some sunshine !

We’ll start with Portugal with the return of the Portuguese Ukulele Orchestra, Voodoo Marmalade, who will not fail to brighten the mood.


Voodoo Marmalade in a medley Clandestino (by multilinguistic Manu Chao) / Chiclete

And since they’ve been silent for quite a while

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Let’s follow the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull to move from Svavar Knútur‘s Iceland to Norway, the land of fjords and godterier (anything sweet that you can eat).

To help you picture beautiful Norwegian landscapes, unspoilt nature, and godterier, here is an ad for Kvikk Lunsj, a popular snack in Norway.

The song used on the ad is Safe Travels from the album Lightness by Texas band Peter and the Wolf. I’d swear there was a ukulele in it. But is there really ?

It’s hard to tell, although  there is definitely a ukulele track on their Lightness album. It is called The Bonsai Tree. Listen to track 8 on this page for a preview of the song.

More landscapes with a different version of the ad (some seconds of ukulele at the end) :

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One thing I like doing when travelling abroad is looking at signs, shop names, leaflets etc… which usually are a great source of language fun.

When the biting cold wind and the snow blizzard forces you to seek refuge in shopping malls while travelling in Norway, just look around at shop names to seek comfort. Some of them are rather funny. Here are a couple of examples I found in Norway this Christmas.

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With Christmas about three weeks away from now it’s time to head north to find snowy landscapes, pine trees, freezing temperatures, short days and long nights, everything you might associate with Julenissen (Father Christmas).

Imagine you’ve been walking outside, the frost biting your cheeks in the night when you suddendly see lights coming out of a red-painted wooden house and as you near the large window bay you discover a bright welcoming living room with a Christmas tree, Christmas-decorated curtains and tablecloths, then you hear the sound of the birch gently crackling in the stove… and someone strumming Rudolf Er Rød På Nesen (tabs available on Al’s Christmas post on Uke Hunt).
Sorry I’m getting carried away! I guess I really need a holiday.

Hope this introduction has landed you somewhere in Norway where we’re headed today. Snart er det Jul igjen ! Time to fill your oven with pepperkaker,  traditional Norwegian Christmas cookies. What have pepperkaker got to do with the ukulele might you ask  ?

Thanks to Sigrid and Robert, learn how to make pepperkaker to the sound of a ukulele. Thanks to Al for the link to this video.

Let’s travel further north to find ourselves in the territory of reindeers, in Northern Norway.

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