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 As we are settling well into autumn here, with the light decreasing a bit more each day, why not set the gloom aside and head for sunny destinations where bright-sounding ukulele rhythms will cheer us up ?

Oceania is a perfect choice for that purpose. To start our tour, here is a map to help you locate the various islands we will be visiting.

Oceania Map Source Wikipedia

Source : Wikipedia, author : Holger Behr

1. French Polynesia

First sunny glimpse brings us to Tahiti in the French Polynesia where the string band Te Ava Piti gives a live performance of the song E Hee Te Va on a beach.

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This week I’m inviting you to pack your suitcases and fly to various islands of the Pacific where turquoise waters and sunny beaches wash your worries away to the sound of merry ukulele playing.

1. Fiji islands

If you ever travel to the Fiji islands, you might be met by a welcome committee just like this one, singing a traditional Fijian welcome song to you.

Apparently, Bula means Hello in Fijian.

2. Vanuatu

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