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Zac Steimle, a ukulele maker based in Ecuador, contacted me last week to mention some videos he has made of two Peruvian friends of his, Wilfredo and Paul Hermoza, playing his own ukulele. So we get to carry on our tour of Latin America with the sound of a handmade Ecuadorian ukule from Oceana ukuleles.

Here is Zac‘s description of his ukulele, which you will see featured in the videos :

“It is the first …

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Here is part six of the “Ukulele and Languages” series of posts, with ukulele songs from various Latin American countries.

24. Venezuela (Spanish) – La burbuja by El Rey Tuqueque
Lyrics can be found on the info section of the YouTube page

25. Argentina (Spanish) – Mejor no hablemos de amor
This is a ukulele cover of a song by the Argentinean band Enanitos Verdes. Lyrics can be found here

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