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Let’s follow the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull to move from Svavar Knútur‘s Iceland to Norway, the land of fjords and godterier (anything sweet that you can eat).

To help you picture beautiful Norwegian landscapes, unspoilt nature, and godterier, here is an ad for Kvikk Lunsj, a popular snack in Norway.

The song used on the ad is Safe Travels from the album Lightness by Texas band Peter and the Wolf. I’d swear there was a ukulele in it. But is there really ?

It’s hard to tell, although  there is definitely a ukulele track on their Lightness album. It is called The Bonsai Tree. Listen to track 8 on this page for a preview of the song.

More landscapes with a different version of the ad (some seconds of ukulele at the end) :

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