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High time to update our Polish ukulele tour with this Sunday selection of ukulele videos from Poland ! Enjoy !

Previously discovered on Balcony TV and featured in this postMaja Koman with a new video My dear deer :

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Dutch and Polish ukulele-playing ladies this week with Kreatones, Zagi and more from Mela Koteluk. Enjoy !

The Kreatones, a band from The Netherlands, playing a song at a bandcontest for Monster! I couldn’t find any other ukulele track from the same band so enjoy this one Dutch song : Monsterhit – Jumpin’ Diz, Rockin’ Rose & the Ukraine Ukuleles. Lyrics are in Dutch and can be found in the Youtube description for the video.

After the success of my last post featuring Mela Koteluk,

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A great live performance by Mela Koteluk from Poland singing Stale Płynne, accompanied on ukulele by Tomasz Krawczyk.

If you’ve enjoyed the song Stale Płynne and would like to learn to play it, here is a tutorial with detailed explanations by Przyjazne ukulele.

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Let me invite you to a trip to Poland today where you’ll get to hear two Polish ukulele players in two different styles. Tune your ears to the Polish language while listening to the songs and the interviews…

HappySad is a popular Polish rock band formed in 2001. In the following acoustic live session for Balcony TV Poznan, two members of the band perform the song Kostuchna from their album Mów mi dobrze on ukulele and guitar. Check out the steady ukulele strumming and interesting chord progression

If you wish to skip the introduction of the band in Polish, start the video at 1:47.

If anyone would like to try and study the ukulele strumming from the song Kostuchna, this instrumental cover by Szymon should help you visualise the chords played.

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This World Tour Post will make you travel to Eastern and Southern Europe as well as Asia and should delight your ears with a wide variety of languages.

Many thanks to Al from the best ukulele blog Uke Hunt for sending me links to many of the videos featured in this post.

1. Country: United-Kingdom / Language : Polish

British singer and songwriter Katy Carr performs O Moj Rozmarynie

2. Country: Serbia / Language: Serbian

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