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There’s been plenty going on in the Ukulele World lately and it’s about time I break my silence to share some important ukulele news.

1. Ukulele for Dummies soon to be released

First and foremost, best friend of the blog Al Wood from Uke Hunt has worked hard on writing a Beginner Ukulele book for the ‘For Dummies’ series.
Knowing Al, Ukulele for Dummies is bound to be packed with details and thorough explanations. Find out all details about the book in Al’s post.

Ukulele for Dummies can be preordered on all the Amazon sites.

Ukulele for Dummies on (Release date: 24th of June 2011).

To give you an idea of the quality work you can expect from Al, make sure you read his last post ‘Barre chord Tips‘.

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Last Wednesday evening marked Bossarocker‘s first ukulele show for the Chorlton Arts Radio.

She did an excellent job gathering songs from various ukulele players in different styles of music, finding appropriate transitions between the tracks and not least of all, she even managed to get a spoken interview from Al from Uke Hunt. Despite what he is saying, I didn’t find his interview awkward at all.

Speaking of great transitions, she did ask me a few questions too and I was pleased to be introduced right after the song of the Eyjafjallajökull by Eliza Geirsdottir Newman, an Icelandic singer and ukulele player. Pronouncing the name of the volcano has become a favourite game with my children at home, generating plenty of laughs.

If you’d like a list of the tracks that were played during the show, check out Bossa‘s blog here.

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Friend of the blog Bossarocker contacted me lately to inform me of a ukulele show she will be doing for the Chorlton Arts Radio and which will be broadcasting in association with the Chorlton Arts Festival between the 17th and the 30th of May 2010.

She would like to feature as many ukulele players as possible in many different styles of music and she needs support from all ukulele players out there who are willing to upload tracks for …

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