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I was starting to wonder why we didn’t get to see so many videos from Bosko and Honey’s Ukulele Safari 2010 until I found yogajenny‘s channel on YouTube. Jenny has uploaded many live performances from the Ukulele Safari crowd, as well as other live acts filmed at different ukulele festivals in Autralia.

Bosko and Honey, Gensblue from Japan, Yan Yalego from France and Jaynickel from Belgium set out in a safari bus (a motorhome) to travel around Australia and meet ukulele players along the way.

Let’s listen to them playing live in different cities along their safari.

Bosko and Honey’s theme song, performed in Canberra.

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Although I have featured several videos from Bosko & Honey ‘s 2008 Ukulele Safari, I have never written a post dedicated to them and I feel they deserve a very special place on Ukulele & Languages because of their eagerness to discover new cultures and their open-mindedness and tolerance of differences.

There is one thing I have in common with Bosko & Honey, and that is the will to link with ukulele players from all corners of the world. While I am only doing a virtual ukulele world tour, Bosko & Honey tour the world on the field, mingle with ukulele players from different horizons, playing different styles of music.

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