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The last weekend of October has been a very memorable weekend where Flamby1er from the COULE came to visit and joined my friend Guillaume and I for an intensive 2-day-ukulele and guitar session.

The three of us hadn’t played together for over a year and it was great to find out and share what we had learnt in that time frame.

We focused on a handful of songs, trying to get them to sound as right as possible with different combinations of ukes (Fluke, Flea, Koaloha Concert Pikake, Pono Baritone) and guitar (Lâg 4 Seasons).

Here is a recording of our cover of the Pirate’ Gospel by Alela Diane on guitar, Flea and Koaloha concert Pikake. This was a fun song to cover as all three of us could sing the chorus together while playing.

Pirate's Gospel cover

And here is our take on Paint It Black

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