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This week’s ukulele World Tour will bring heartwarming performances from France with the Stoned Popes and Agathe and Fine. These are welcome to drive away the autumn cold which seems to settle in these days.

We’ll then move on to Australia on the other side of the world with another upbeat song by Mike de Velta and at the same time to discover a lovely original instrumental by Andrew Eyles.

After a little stopover in the UK with an upbeat performance by Gus and Fin, it will be time for us to get our share of foreign languages in this World Tour post with some Indonesian, Ukrainian and Russian.

1. Country: France / Language: English

The Stoned Popes is a French band that I have just discovered. Their song called The Loser Song successfully blends percussions, trumpet, xylophone and ukulele.

Guitar and ukulele duets are of special interest to me now that I have discovered the joy of playing such duos myself.

Agathe & Fine perform a lively duet cover

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Today is the start of my holidays which means I am in rather high spirits despite a nasty cold. Perfect time to travel the world of ukulele ! Here is an international uke tube which will take you to all corners of the globe.


Hearing a Welsh song performed on a ukulele is very rare so I am quite pleased with this find !

Ar Lan Môr, Welsh traditional on ukulele performed by Nic. For an English translation of the lyrics, check the description of the video.

From the United-Kingdom to Brazil

Cousin Alice, whom I discovered at the Paris Uke Fest last year along withTricity Vogue and the Sugarsnap Sisters, has travelled to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to remix and record her latest song Swinging on Rainbows. She has teamed up with Brazilian

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This is the closing Beatles ukulele covers post where ukulele covers of songs from the last Beatles albums, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road and Let It Be will be featured.

Yellow Submarine (1969)

Let’s enter the atmosphere of the album with a cover of Yellow Submarine performed by ArmyOfCuteness from the United-States.

Najmah from Singapore covers All Together Now on ukulele, melodica, shaker and xylophone.

Learn how to play All You Need Is Love with Michael Lynch‘s tutorial …

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Today’s ukulele visits will take us to Korea and Singapore.

The first video has a rather catchy melody and is a cover of a song by Korean singer Harim, called Chocolate story. When listening to the song, it seems like the word “chocolate” sounds similar in Korean. The written word is another story : 초콜릿

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My world tour of ukulele videos of French songs by non-natives goes on.

Today you can decide whether you feel rather BelgianSingaporeanAmerican, Japanese or Australian, based on different ukulele performances of “Les Champs  Élysées” by Joe Dassin (who recorded songs in no less than 7 languages : English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Russian and Spanish).
So what’s your vote ?

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