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In this week’s Ukulele World Tour, we’ll fly to Brazil where blog friend Marcelo has uncovered new ukulele artists.

We’ll then move from Germany to Canada for a bunch of ukulele songs in German before landing in Spain with a performance by Spanish ukulele blog friend Jordi.

If all this doesn’t make you suffer from jet lag, you’ll be able to reach the end of this post with an escape to Australia before coming back to mainland Europe with a song by TooSoft from France.

Country: Brazil /Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Marcelo from the  blog Ukulele Brazil recently mentioned two Brazilian artists using the ukulele : Ana Ribeiro and Eduardo Ansay.

This song, Minha Paz is their first single.

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On the menu of our Ukulele World Tour today is some French poetry set to Italian, some classical music from Japan, a traditional song from Serbia sung by a Portuguese ukulele player, a song by a lovely Mexican girl, a ukulele entertainer from the Czech Republic,, some ukulele improvising from Spain and finally, a cover of a French song.

Enjoy !

Country : Italy / Language: Italian

Georges Brassens discovered the works of French poet Antoine Pol, among which Emotions Poétiques (1918), and decided to set the poem Les Passantes to music in 1972. This in turn inspired Italian Fabrizio De André, who translated the song to Italian and included it in an album called Canzoni.

Read the French poem here.

Duccio, a ukulele player from Italy, covers the song in Italian : Le Passanti.

Country: Japan / Language: Japanese

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Today I’m in the mood for a trip to Spain where I’ve just discovered a few bands using the ukulele.

Let’s accompany a Catalonian band called Manel through the streets of Barcelona. Manel are performing a song called En La Que el Bernat Se’t Troba. The video is not very recent (April 2008) but I thought it was fun to visit Barcelona anyway.

Here is a more recent live performance of Manel, a song called Al Mar!.

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Bring together Fanny Fanlight from the United-Kingdom

… and Herman Vandecauter from Belgium

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As a linguist I have tried to bring together two of my interests in this post : ukulele and languages.

So here is a little tour of Europe with songs in different languages.

1. Latin countries : Spanish – Lamento borincano (song from Puerto Rico)

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