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Today I’ll be looking into creole ukulele, with songs in English- and French-based creoles. Creoles are languages born out of a mixture of several languages and which have become stable over time.

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To be quite exact the title should have been “Ukulele in some French speaking countries”. Different places, different styles, as you will see from the videos below.
I didn’t find any ukulele video from any African French speaking country nor any from Guyane, Martinique or Guadeloupe so as usual, if you know any, please let me know.

Belgium and Québec
A video from a Ukulele Session. Saule (Baptiste Lalieu) is half Sicilian, half Belgian and has grown up in Belgium. Pierre Lapointe is from Quebec. They are singing a song called “Sur le Fil”.  There is also a piano song from Pierre Lapointe called “27-100 rue des partances”.

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Today’s ukulele videos in native languages will be focusing on songs from various islands.
I am very grateful to all the Ukulele Underground members who sent me links !

12. Tagalog
(dialect from the Philippines) – ang huling el bimbo ukulele

and here is another one in Tagalog from Bosko and Honey’s ukulele safari, by Seeso (with English subtitles).

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