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By the time you read this, I’ll be somewhere between Lyon and Beijing, on my way for a very short 5-day-trip to China for work. It is quite amusing to think that I am taking my Kala Pocket Mahogany Ukulele back to China where it was produced, safely stored in my hand-luggage.

Besides my Kala Pocket, I have synchronised the 2nd Uke Hunt Podcast to my iPod, and I’ve had to refrain from listening to it for a few days to save it for my ten-hour-flight.

Now, time for the latest World Tour findings.

1. Country : Russia / Language : Russian

The band Ado with Andrei Gorokhov on vocals and ukulele.

2. Country : Ukraine / Venezuelan Waltz

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Time for another World Uke Tube !

This should brighten your day in case the weather is as dull where you are as it is here today. If it isn’t, please send some sunshine !

We’ll start with Portugal with the return of the Portuguese Ukulele Orchestra, Voodoo Marmalade, who will not fail to brighten the mood.


Voodoo Marmalade in a medley Clandestino (by multilinguistic Manu Chao) / Chiclete

And since they’ve been silent for quite a while

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Thailand‘s ukulele community seems to be increasing judging from their website. Today I’d like to share my latest ukulele findings from Thailand with several Thai players exploring different styles of music.

Firstly, let’s find out what Thai sounds like with a cover of a song called ตุ๊กตาหน้ารถ (Took-ka-ta-na-rod) by siampansey.

Next comes a song which I quite like _although I haven’t got a clue what it is about_ , performed by akehawa.

Update: Paintedbird kindly provided me with the Thai name of the song เพลงส่วนตัว (peng-suan-tua) meaning ‘private song’ in English.

Thai ukulele players seem to be quite fond of fingerstyle uke as we’ll see in the coming videos.

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Let’s first get a glimpse of the country we’re visiting today : Thailand.

Thai Restaurant in Beijing

The only experience of Thai culture I have is having eaten in a Thai restaurant
in Beijing. I really loved the food,  the mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken and rice.

The setting was quite kitsch as you can see but the food was really refined and tasty.

Finding a ukulele song in Thai really took me ages. But surprisingly, finding a video showing the country of Thailand was almost equally difficult. I found either videos made for wealthy and lazy tourists, or bad quality videos made by visitors. The most annoying thing on these amateur videos is the choice of music. Where I’d expect local music that woud speak of the culture of the country visited, I found stressful and/or shallow electronic music…
Since I didn’t find the ideal video of Thailand after watching (far too) many , I have settled for this one, showing pictures of the Central part of Thailand.

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Today’s round of native-language-ukulele videos will focus on Asia.

16. Chinese
You can check out the Chinese Lyrics on the YouTube info area.

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