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If you have managed to survive the longest Finnish word, here is a poem in Hungarian by István Ferenczes which contains no less than a hundred and five ‘ ö ‘ sounds and which has been put to music by the band Fűszál Együttes.

There isn’t much information to be found on István Ferenczes at least not in languages that I understand. From what I could read he was born in 1945, he is a journalist and a poet and has lived in Transylvania all his life. The fact that he writes in Hungarian does suggest that he is among the Magyar population living in Transylvania, Romania but this is just a guess.

Lyrics of the song, called Mikor Csíkban járt a török can be found here in case you need to check the 105 ‘ ö ‘. As for understanding the lyrics, I’m afraid there is little sense to be made from automated translations. Török means Turkish and sör means beer, but that doesn’t really help, does it ?

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