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A while ago @Bossarocker challenged me to find more ukulele songs in Turkish, after reading my post featuring Brenda McCrimmon‘s Yagmur yagar tas ustune.

It took a while but I eventually did find a song in Turkish arranged for the ukulele.

Unfortunately, the Turkish ukulele player, Özen Özdemir (ozenozdemir), remains invisible throughout the song.

The song is called Kim Görmüş (Who saw ?). After some research, it seems like the text is a Turkish translation of a poem or Rubáiyát by Omar Khayyám, a Persian poet, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who lived between the years 1048 and 1131.

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I have been looking for a ukulele video in Turkish for quite a while now so I was very happy when Al from Uke Hunt pointed one out to me.  One more language for Ukulele & Languages !

The video was filmed during the Corktown Ukulele Jam and is a Turkish folk song about rain called yagmur yagar tas ustune.

Brenna MacCrimmon has very successfully combined Turkish music and ukulele.

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