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The FIUL, International Ukulele Festival of Lerrain was the first ukulele festival I’ve attended which didn’t take place in Paris, which, for a countryside dweller like myself, was just perfect. Here are some highlights of the weekend.

Meylie Mellow and Rel-Bar, the organisers of the festival have done a great job making ukulele players attending the festival very welcome. Upon arrival, all ukulele players who had registered on their site received a bag containing items that would help them look and sound good on stage (a set of strings from Aquila, a thick and neatly laid-out songbook, a toothbrush, toothpaste, mascara,  and other things, including some deodorant to make sure our playing didn’t stink). It’s worth mentioning that the bag was a world tour in itself with products from France, Italy, New-Zealand, the US and Germany.









The whole village of Lerrain seemed to have been converted to the ukulele before we all arrived.

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There’s been plenty going on in the Ukulele World lately and it’s about time I break my silence to share some important ukulele news.

1. Ukulele for Dummies soon to be released

First and foremost, best friend of the blog Al Wood from Uke Hunt has worked hard on writing a Beginner Ukulele book for the ‘For Dummies’ series.
Knowing Al, Ukulele for Dummies is bound to be packed with details and thorough explanations. Find out all details about the book in Al’s post.

Ukulele for Dummies can be preordered on all the Amazon sites.

Ukulele for Dummies on (Release date: 24th of June 2011).

To give you an idea of the quality work you can expect from Al, make sure you read his last post ‘Barre chord Tips‘.

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Quite a few people have asked me if I knew Meylie Mellow and Rel-Bar, the organisers of the FIUL festival (International Ukulele Festival of Lerrain) and I couldn’t say that I did.

I have therefore contacted Meylie Mellow and Rel-Bar to find out more about themselves and about the upcoming Uke Fest which will take place on the 17th/18th and 19th of June 2011 in the North-East of France, in the tiny village of Lerrain.…

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