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After the Open Mic session, it was time for the “choses sérieuses” (the real thing) as Lionel diplomatically put it :) The Ukulele Boyz entered the room and started strumming frantically among all of us, singing covers of well-known French and Spanish songs in a very energetic manner.

PUF 2009 Ukulele Boyz

This was welcome as we were quite a few to feel drowsy because of the heat, using programmes as fans to try and create a breathe.Things got even better when the Sugarsnap …

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My very first Ukulele Fest turned out brilliantly. I had a really good time and the whole day unfolded really well. Let me tell you the story :
After a long walk from Gare de Lyon, we cross the cemetery of the Père Lachaise, a blessed place sheltering us from the blazing sun. As we are nearing the Bellevilloise where the Uke Fest will be held, I start looking for signs of people carrying ukuleles. I can’t see any… After 14 months of ukulele playing without meeting one single ukulele player, I had to arrive at the very beginning of the Paris Uke Fest to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything. A few others did just the same. We sit ourselves down at a table, taking it all in and people quickly come to join us. The atmosphere is very relaxed. I meet Clare (Clarification from UkuleleCosmos) and we start chatting about ukulele and travelling… the day is promising !

Père Lachaise Cimetery PUF 2009 Mikael from Sweden PUF 2009 Clare from London PUF 2009 Syl'Ukes ukuleles

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In just over a week, on the 4th of July, I’ll head for the capital to attend the Paris Uke Fest.

I am therefore thrilled and apprehensive at once. Thrilled at the idea of attending workshops and seeing live ukulele acts, apprehensive to find out whether the ukulele community really is like a big family.

The point of this post is not to give you full details about the program, there is a dedicated site for this purpose.
But …

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As you most probably know, the London Uke Fest will take place tomorrow.
I wish I could have gone, because there is a number of people I would have loved to meet who are going there.
But lack of time and limited family budget won’t allow this to happen.

So here are some videos of people who will attend the London Uke Fest and whom I’d love to meet.

Firstly, a brilliant video of someone who swears he is mediocre… …

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17 2009

Ukulele Italia

The Italian Ukulele Festival will take place on the 27th-28th of June in Vicenza so now is a good time to take a look at ukulele artists from Italy.

Firstly this excellent video from Beppe Boron (saxophone) and Fabio Koryu (ukulele), filmed during the National and European Festival of Children’s Theatre on the 13th of June 2009.

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