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I discovered the existence of the ukulele completely by accident when I stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain back in April 2008. The Ukes are solely responsible for me taking up the uke and I believe they have inspired and will inspire many others.

Four excellent videos of songs they performed at the BBC Proms have just been uploaded to their YouTube Channel. These videos are taken from the DVD Prom Night which can be purchased from their website.

I have favourited their brilliant version of Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. I must say, Will Grove-White‘s French is really sweet too :)

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As you most probably know, the London Uke Fest will take place tomorrow.
I wish I could have gone, because there is a number of people I would have loved to meet who are going there.
But lack of time and limited family budget won’t allow this to happen.

So here are some videos of people who will attend the London Uke Fest and whom I’d love to meet.

Firstly, a brilliant video of someone who swears he is mediocre… …

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Encore un registre pour l’ukulele… Nous retrouvons à nouveau le Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain et leurs ukulele dans un morceau de british pop des Kaiser Chiefs : Ruby.
Et encore une fois cela passe très bien ! Même si dès que la guitare électrique s’y met, on a plus de mal à percevoir le son des ukulele…

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J’ai découvert ce groupe tout à fait par hasard sur YouTube, tout à fait étonnant… prenez le temps d’écouter ce morceau du Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain : “Fly Me of the Handel” jusqu’au bout, il devient de plus en plus étonnant !

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