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Every year around this time, when days become shorter and it is still dark when you drive to work and you know that in a few weeks time it will also be dark when you drive from work, I am subject to what I have called “the October blues”.

This year, I will try my best to stay away from the latent October blues. Valéry Sauvage‘s world of colourful naïve paintings sends my thoughts to the world of fairy tales and listening to his lovely ukulele videos seems like a good way to keep the October blues in check.

If you’ve subscribed to Valéry’s ukulele channel on YouTube, you will not have failed to notice the beautiful ukuleles made by Régis Thullier that he has been trying out lately.

There is, for example, the  “Maccalele“, a Maccaferi-style ukulele, which you can hear in a tune called The Skaters Waltz, arranged by Goschenhobel.

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