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If you’ve been following the blog, you will know that I have been learning classical uke with Herman Vandecauter over Skype for the past 8 months.

I was therefore thrilled when Herman told me he and his wife would stop over at my place on his holiday tour.

It was certainly a very enriching weekend and I have learnt a great deal. Besides being a very skilled player of various plucked string instruments, Herman knows many stories about the history of music and has many an anecdote to tell about his 40 years of experience as a classical guitarist.

Herman took it on himself to play Tico Tico, a piece he had just finished arranging for the classical guitar, while at the same time teaching myself and a newly ukulele-converted friend to strum along on our ukes. Tico Tico was composed in 1917 by Brazilian musician and composer de Abreu.

The result is not that bad considering we learnt the piece in one afternoon. Many thanks to Herman’s wifefor filming.

Herman demonstrated his skills on both the guitar and the ukulele and seeing him play here was a truly amazing experience. He played so many complex pieces from memory,

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Herman Vandecauter from Belgium has just composed a really nice piece for the ukulele called Instantanea.

Herman is a pro classical guitarist who has taken up the ukulele a little more than a year ago. He has proven his great musicianship by writing and arranging several pieces for the ukulele and has become a prominent contributor to the classical uke community.

Instantanea, composed and played on a Kiwaya tenor KTT 1 by Herman Vandecauter

Herman has also started …

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Herman Vandecauter has done a beautiful ukulele arrangement based on the La Folia variations written for Viola da Gamba composed by French Marin Marais, who was appointed musician to the royal court of Versailles under king Louis the Fourteenth.

The arrangement looks very tricky to play so I have asked Herman for some technical details about it. Here is the information he gave me :

Although most of the arrangement was based on the variation written by Marin

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I don’t normally post videos I make on my website but this one is special in the sense that it is a big HUGE thank you video dedicated to Herman Vandecauter (YouTube Channel) who has been patiently teaching me fingerstyle uke for the past three months.

There are no ukulele teachers around where I live nor any other player that I know of and Herman has kindly offered to teach me fingerstyle ukulele over Skype.  Despite a few occasional technical problems, learning over Skype has proven a good solution and I am very grateful to Herman for helping me in my ukulele learning.

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Herman Vandecauter from Belgium is primarily a pro classical guitarist and mandolinist, but he took up the ukulele in January 2009 and quickly found out how to get the best sound out of it.
Before I ask him a few questions, let’s hear a video of him playing Courante by German lutenist Sylvius Leopold Weiss. I find this piece really soothing after a stressful day.

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