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Schmitt Courante by Herman Vandecauter

31 2011

Herman Vandecauter has recently uploaded a new video in which he performs a Courante he has arranged for the ukulele. A ‘courante’ is a tripple meter dance from the late Renaissance or the Baroque music era.

I have asked Herman for more information about the piece, but let’s first listen to and enjoy the Schmitt Courante beautifully performed on a soprano Ohana SK 100G.

Here is what Herman can tell us about the piece :

This piece made my new Ohana a pleasure to play.

There is hardly anything to say about the origin of the piece: I got it with the annotation Anonymous and a wrong estimation about its century of origin which is the 16th century and not later.

When I did play the piece I got the impression that I had heard it before and thought it could have been Thieleman Susato or Michael Praetorius and indeed I did find a similar courante from the German composer Michael Praetorius where the second part is the same. This can’t just be pure coincidence! But the first part doesn’t really fit.

The tremolo part is uncommon for lute pieces but it can be that the original was written for another instrument. Since the base part is too slow for a nice tremolo I played a quadruple tremolo with 4 notes instead of 3.


  1. Craig Robertson on the 31st of January 2011 @ 17:43

    Lovely piece. Herman always does a great job.

    love his expression throughout.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 31st of January 2011 @ 18:16

    Craig: Glad you enjoyed. Herman always attaches the utmost importance to musicality. What he can render on a uke is really amazing.

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