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A memorable one-weekend ukulele trio

09 2011

The last weekend of October has been a very memorable weekend where Flamby1er from the COULE came to visit and joined my friend Guillaume and I for an intensive 2-day-ukulele and guitar session.

The three of us hadn’t played together for over a year and it was great to find out and share what we had learnt in that time frame.

We focused on a handful of songs, trying to get them to sound as right as possible with different combinations of ukes (Fluke, Flea, Koaloha Concert Pikake, Pono Baritone) and guitar (Lâg 4 Seasons).

Here is a recording of our cover of the Pirate’ Gospel by Alela Diane on guitar, Flea and Koaloha concert Pikake. This was a fun song to cover as all three of us could sing the chorus together while playing.

Pirate's Gospel cover

And here is our take on Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones on a Pono baritone and Fluke with handclaps and backing vocals by Flamby1er. For the anecdote, Flamby1er had to clap from another room because of his deafening claps and to come back to the room where Guillaume and I were playing to do the backing vocals. This caused a great many laughs and it took us quite a few takes to manage to sing the song without bursting out laughing each time Flamby1er appeared out of the blue in the middle of the song.

Paint It Black cover

Flamby1er and his Flea, Guillaume with my Pono Baritone and the unavoidable metronome!

This excellent weekend, filled with music and sense of humour leaves us waiting for Flamby1er‘s next visit!


  1. Lou on the 16th of November 2011 @ 02:20

    Sounding great, Armelle. Nice arrangements & your voice really rings true on Pirate’s Gospel. And good to hear an updated version of Paint it Black – I don’t have to keep it secret anymore! :) Great to see you sharing this stuff, you should spend more weekends like this. Yo ho yo ho yo ho ho ho!

  2. Armelle Europe on the 16th of November 2011 @ 09:09

    Lou: Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for your encouragements, yo ho yo ho!

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