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24 2009
Thanks to great family work I now have a logo to add personality to my blog. My mum had invented curious creatures called Schmolpz a long time ago and they have populated my childhood through my mum’s numerous drawings. My mum had even created a handwritten Schmolpz book to teach me to read, so when I thought about creating a logo for my blog, I naturally requested a Schmolpz

The drawing was one thing, and integrating it into the blog was another. Morten has been patiently working on sizing the logo, making the lines stronger, improving the contrast and the background without degrading the original drawing. And eventually helped me fix the html code to have the logo positioned correctly on the page.
So many HUGE thanks to my mum and to my husband Morten for their work and support !

This blog means a lot to me as it enables me to write about the things I am enthusiastic about, use my language skills, do some research about the ukulele world. Now that the blog has a real purpose, gathering ukulele songs in as many languages as possible, it needed to have a logo.

Here is my mum’s drawing :


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