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Fingerstyle Ukulele News

21 2010

Today I’d like to relay several pieces of information pertaining to fingerstyle ukulele which I found interesting.

New ebook released by Jamie Holding :

Jamie Holding has published a new ebook entitled Joan Ambrosio Dalza – 10 Pieces

Joan Ambrosio Dalza was an Italian lutenist and composer who played an important part in early Renaissance lute music. Jamie has arranged 10 of his works for the ukulele.

Jamie describes Dalza‘s works as catchy and moderately easy to pick and play.

As a preview to his ebook, you can get a free sample music sheet of a piece called Piva here.

Buy the full ebook on Jamie Holding‘s site here.

Familiarise yourself with Dalza‘s work and listen to Valéry Sauvage playing Jamie Holding‘s arrangement of Pavana alla Venetiana.

Rob MacKillop’s ebooks will be published by Mel Bay

About a week ago, Brad commented on this post about Rob MacKillop‘s fingerstyle ebooks and mentioned the fact that he could not find a link to buy Rob‘s ebooks anymore.

I asked Rob MacKillop why he was no longer selling his ebooks on his site and here was his answer :

The ukulele books will be published later this year or early next year by Mel Bay, so I can’t really sell them at all. The good news is that they will be printed well and come with a CD. Four new Mel Bay ukulele books…I have had quite a few requests for them, but people will just have to wait, I’m afraid, but I think they will be worth waiting for. My book of fingerstyle studies has increased from ten to twenty. I tried to make these new ones easier, but still effective. One in particular, ‘How About A Little Blues?’, has, I’m pleased to say, become an instant favourite with my students.

Daddystovepipe and fingerpicking blues

Al has written a post on Uke Hunt informing us that he has added daddystovepipe‘s fingerpicking blues ebook into his How To Play Ukulele section.

The ebook along with full details on its contents is available from Al‘s post on Uke Hunt here at the special price of $9 instead of $12 until Thursday the 25th of February.

As a preview, listen to one of the blues fingerpicking lessons by daddystovepipe, how to play Macon Rag :

Download a free ukulele tablature of Winin’ Boy on daddystovepipe‘s site here.

New arrangement by UkuleleKorea

UkuleleKorea has done a lovely arrangement of a minuet by Boccherini (1743-1805), an Italian composer and cellist.


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  2. Claude on the 2nd of June 2011 @ 03:21

    Great website.
    I’ve never heard of Boccherini, despite how famous his minuet is. It’s a great arrangement.

  3. Armelle Europe on the 2nd of June 2011 @ 12:17

    Claude: Thanks! Boccherini was actually new to me too.
    Learning new things is one of the great aspects of blogging.

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