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Paris Ukulele Bazar, 17th of April 2010

27 2010

I have made up my mind to try and attend the Paris Ukulele Bazar, organised by the Ukulele Club de France, which will take place on the 17th of April 2010.

I don’t know anyone from the team even though I am French, so it is about time I met some more French ukulele players.  The Paris Ukulele Bazar seems like a perfect opportunity to do so.

The venue is Les 3 Baudets in the 18th district of Paris, not far from Montmartre.

Among other things the programme includes an exhibition of ukulele pictures and drawings, workshops for both children and adults, the screening of a documentary on the association Ukuleles for Peace, the screening of the ukulele documentary The Mighty Uke.

Ken Middleton will be there with his Ohana ukes as will  Musique83 , the internet ukulele shop from which I bought my last uke, and a Parisian string instruments shop owned by Rosyne and François Charle.

This will be followed by an Apéro-concert where you will be able to enjoy Tiki drinks, Elvis sandwiches and Hawaiian pupus while listening to various members of the Paris Ukulele Hui (Parisian ukulele club) and find out if you have won anything from the big raffle.

From 20:30, a series of acts will display their ukulele talents. Those include Belgian Ukulelezaza, British Hugh Coltman, French Eddy La Gooyatsh, Canadian Shelley O’Brien, French Fay Lovsky et Dominique Cravic with Claire Elzière, Cyril LeFebvre, Bertrand Saint-Guillain, Jano, KrRrk, and the Hot Club de Pom-Pom Gali and Jicé and Benj.

For full details, visit

If you intend to go there, let me know in the comments.


  1. PotofBasil on the 27th of March 2010 @ 12:06

    Sounds like fun, but don’t forget the Fluke.
    I mentioned some Paris photo possibilities before,
    and a couple of new ones might be by the Centre
    Pompidou and with an ice cream at Berthillon on the
    Ile St. Louis. That last one sounds delicious even without a ukulele. The most fun though is simply
    to improvise on the spot when completely unexpected
    delights arise. Plenty of wonderful chocolate shops to visit, too, Armelle.

  2. Flamby1er on the 27th of March 2010 @ 19:24

    See you in Paris Armelle! We gonna have a stand among other ukulele clubs.

  3. Armelle Europe on the 28th of March 2010 @ 12:16

    PotOfBasil :
    Ron, rest assured that the Fluke will travel along.

    I am not so sure about taking Fluke pictures in Paris though, it’s not like you can drop your Fluke somewhere and go back a few steps to take a picture unless you really want someone to nick it.

    Flamby1er :
    It’ll be nice to see you in Paris, Alex!

  4. Jason on the 14th of April 2010 @ 14:15


    Just found your blog whilst looking for the Paris Bazaaar 2010… Great blog.
    I can’t come to the Paris Bazaar :(
    I am in Mauritius and, like you last year, have never met another uke player !
    Been playing since 31st December 2009… just one simple song recorded so far : (I am the blue cat, my wife is the black cat)

    Have fun


  5. Armelle Europe on the 14th of April 2010 @ 20:41

    Jason : thanks for the feedback on the blog.
    Catacou seems like a nice program. Maybe I should try it out for my sons.
    I hope you will get to meet other uke players at some stage, playing with others is always a good source of progress. Or maybe you will eventually teach others how to play it !

  6. Jason on the 15th of April 2010 @ 05:10

    Try it out. Sign up as a beta-tester :

    I am trying to ‘recruit’… but it ain’t easy as ukes are not available here.
    I am having to buy mine ‘blind’ (ie without trying them), and have had mixed luck so far. Not a fan of Ohana Tenor or Mahalo soprano. BIG fan of Lanikai concert.
    Until I can get to acountry whereI can try before I buy, I’m stuck with what I have, I suppose !

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