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Sunday Uke Tube for the awsomest ukulele blogger

17 2010

Today’s post is a surely akward attempt to fill the emptiness caused by the long absence of Uke Hunt posts and Saturday Uke Tubes as well as a means to let Al, the awsomest ukulele blogger, know how much we are all impatiently awaiting his return.

Todd Baio (USA) has released a four-song- EP which you can download for free over on Uke Hunt. Here is Suburban Fool, a really lovely song from the EP.

Krouk and Reno (France) in a cover of 1926 Blue Skies by Irving Berlin on a UB3 Gibson banjolele and Beltona soprano ukulele:

Esther and her Korean musical adventure from Canada

Well worth it, a ukulele original called Not Worth It by sisters Shannon and Sarah (USA)

Next song, The Rainbow Trail, is from Jake Wildwood‘s latest album, Destroyers of Venus which you can download for free on his website.

An instrumental by Rick (USA) called the Vita Tune, played on a Roy Smeck ‘Vita-Uke’, a ukulele that really makes me dream…

Skillful playing by classical uker Valéry Sauvage (France) of a Bach Cantata, the Cantata BWV147 on a long-neck Koaloha soprano.

And finally a funny video montage of The Lumberjack song, a Monty Python ukulele cover by BornagainJeeper (USA)


  1. Ron Hale on the 18th of January 2010 @ 03:06

    If you stood Rick’s Vita uke next to his other one, you’d get a Laurel and Hardy effect. I mainly stopped by, Armelle, to tell you that Jeff West, on his Humble Uker site, has two videos (no ukes) in a dialect from Lapland on his Jan. 17 posting, and on his Jan. 16 posting he has three videos from the Ukulele Orchestra of Sweden. You might enjoy them.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 18th of January 2010 @ 22:58

    Ron : many thanks for pointing me to Humble Uker’s site which I didn’t know. It was nice to read about Jokkmokk and Northern Sweden.
    I had seen a few videos by the Ukulele Orchestra of Sweden before even though I haven’t featured them here yet.

  3. Acilius on the 21st of January 2010 @ 21:55

    That’s a great set, Armelle! They flow well, one into the other. The bluesy numbers from Todd Baio and Jake Wildwood bracket the first part well, the instrumentals mellow it out, then the Lumberjack Song closes with a laugh. Well done!

  4. Armelle Europe on the 21st of January 2010 @ 23:00

    Acilius : …and your lovely comment really caught the essence of this post with a very nice choice of words, a real treat for a language lover like myself. Thank you very much !

  5. Acilius on the 22nd of January 2010 @ 13:58

    You’re welcome! And thank you for such high praise.

  6. Al on the 22nd of January 2010 @ 19:59

    Thanks for the kind words, Armelle.

    See, I told you I would get round to it!

  7. Armelle Europe on the 22nd of January 2010 @ 20:58

    Al : You’re very welcome. Nice to read you here :)

  8. karl on the 29th of March 2010 @ 11:05

    Minor detail: Martin never made banjo ukuleles, it’s a Gibson UB-3. Groetjes, Karl

  9. Armelle Europe on the 29th of March 2010 @ 18:09

    Karl : thanks for the correction of this silly mistake. I’ve now updated the post :)

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