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Ukulele holiday on the Île de Ré

27 2009

You might have noticed that I have been silent for a week. It’s been very strange for me to spend a full week with restricted Internet access but it did me some good too. As a result I have done no research on Ukulele languages at all this past week.

In contrast, I spent more time trying out various things on my Fluke and practising some of the techniques detailed in Al’s Ukulele Strumming ebook. If you haven’t bought your copy already, I strongly recommend you do so. There is enough information in the book for all levels ukulele players, plenty of MP3’s and videos to illustrate the different techniques and if you are learning the ukulele on your own, fundamental notions such as rhythm and tempo are explained.

My Fluke has visited some lovely narrow flowery alleys (venelles) on l’île de Ré, an island off the French Atlantic coast opposite La Rochelle. Here is a glimpse of what it
looked like :

Ukulele in l'île de Ré

Ukulele in the island of Ré Ukulele in the island of Ré

Phare des baleines, Ile de Ré


  1. Ron Hale on the 29th of December 2009 @ 07:08

    It really fits right into the venelles, doesn’t it, and looks like it’s both posing for you and taking in the sights. You should take it with you whenever
    you travel and take photos of it like the ones above. Imagine the possibilities in Paris:
    up on the Eiffel Tower, at a table outside a sidewalk cafe, along the Seine, outside the Moulin Rouge, in front of the Mona Lisa. And that’s just in France.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 29th of December 2009 @ 17:56

    Ron Hale : the venelles were really inspiring.
    I’ve just taken my Fluke to Norway but it was really too cold to take it out and I didn’t want it to be damaged by the cold/snow. A shame because the hibiscus of my Fluke would have looked lovely on the snowy landscapes.
    I’ll keep in mind the potential pictures I could take next time I travel to Paris.

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