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Ukulele Show for Chorlton Arts Radio – Upload your tracks !

07 2010

Friend of the blog Bossarocker contacted me lately to inform me of a ukulele show she will be doing for the Chorlton Arts Radio and which will be broadcasting in association with the Chorlton Arts Festival between the 17th and the 30th of May 2010.

She would like to feature as many ukulele players as possible in many different styles of music and she needs support from all ukulele players out there who are willing to upload tracks for the radio shows.

All you need to do to participate is to upload your ukulele tracks to her dropbox on her Soundcloud.

Here is some information about Bossarocker and the Chorlton Arts Radio :

Bossarocker dabbles with far too many instruments for her own good but her heart was stolen by the ukulele when she was given one as a gift for Christmas 2008.

She is also heavily involved with community radio in Manchester and has been asked to do a show for Chorlton Arts Radio, which will be broadcasting in association with the Chorlton Arts Festival, 17-30th May.

The festival is a celebration of the arts in South Manchester, providing a platform for local artists as well as featuring internationally known artists. Most of the people involved in the festival provide their skills and time for free in order to highlight and celebrate the creativity of the community.

This year marks the community arts festival’s tenth anniversary and this is the first time they will have their own radio station. Bossarocker has decided to use this opportunity to celebrate the ukulele community that she has now become a proud member of but she can only do this with your help!

Please support her effort to broadcast the ukulele community and send her plenty of ukulele tracks !


  1. Bossarocker on the 7th of May 2010 @ 20:00

    Thanks for helping me to promote this Armelle, I really appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing your track when you’ve uploaded it! :)

  2. Andrew Butler on the 19th of May 2010 @ 22:07

    Im hosting a Ukulele Extravaganza at Lloyds Hotel in Chorlton this coming Friday.

    The event starts at 9:30 and will feature some of Manchesters best ukulele players:

    Andrew ‘blind boy’ Butler
    Black Jack Barnet
    Richard Barry
    Papa John McKay

  3. Armelle Europe on the 20th of May 2010 @ 22:25

    Andrew : thanks for the info. Looks like Manchester has a very active ukulele community!
    I will try to mention this tomorrow.

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