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Top 5 visiting countries : weekly ukulele World Tour

25 2010

I have decided to make a weekly tube of my ukulele World Tour findings from various areas of the globe.

Today’s globe spin will take us to my top 5 visiting countries which are the United-States, France, the United-Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

Canada  and United-States

Let’s start with a simultaneous trip  to Toronto and Cincinnati with this cool US/Canadian collaboration written by J. Kevin Wolfe for the voice of Zoe Jansen.

The song is called Fixin’ Up Something Sweet.

Thanks to Kevin for mailing me about this video.

Next comes a great fingerstyle performance by Rob aka sanfordandsong, from Canada, whom I discovered a couple of weeks on Uke Hunt’s Saturday Uke Tube.

Rob is playing Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

I really enjoy playing my ukulele outside and I take my uke whenever I go out for a walk, stop when I find a nice spot and play whatever chords the scenery inspires.

I therefore liked Stuart‘s video, an original ukulele song called The Solstice Song, inspired by and recorded in the middle of nature.

A perfect transition to introduce next country in today’s trip, Peter Forrest aka PeteyHoudini, the wandering Canadian, wrote this lovely original song called Lille inspired by the city of Lille in the North of France.


Although I couldn’t care less myself, if you are French and among those who have been really disappointed by France‘s appalling football results, here are a few ukulele performances by French ukers which should cheer you up.

LaNoizette64 performs Vino Griego, a song evocative of the South West of France as it is used as the hymn of the Bayonne Rugby Team. * yes, I know it is a bit cheeky to mention Rugby now*

An unusual band of teachers, Les Zrofs, use their creativity to emphasize the caricaturesque aspects of teaching, whether it be correcting exams, dictations, and other niceties.


Lou aka Bossarocker whom you may know from the great ukulele radio show she did for the Chorlton Arts festival, should get your spirit high with this great original song she wrote on her baritone ukulele.

Lou performs Get Your Spirits High (Lou’s blues). What an amazing and soulful voice !

Lou will be in charge of the upcoming Uke Hunt Podcast and therefore needs all of you ukulele players from around the world to upload your original tracks and make yourself known on the Uke Hunt Podcast DropBox. Full details here.

Phil Doleman from the Re-Entrants has recently started to upload a series of ukulele fingerstyle performances of arrangements by Raymond Gamble.

This lovely piece is called The Evesham Stick Dance. Make sure you check Phil‘s other fingerstyle videos on his channel.


A funny-sounding German dialekt in Der allerschönste Dialekt, by ukulelenwelt.

Some German football supporters and ukulele players wrote this song to cheer their team in South-Africa

Ballack Bumm by the Herrengedeck

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To see all the posts for a specific country, click on the appropriate flag on the sidebar (flags are sorted in alphabetical order).


  1. Bossarocker on the 26th of June 2010 @ 01:07

    Nice post, Armelle. Another tube to look forward to, yay. Some great vids here, I especially liked the teachers. Thanks a lot for featuring my song.

    I’m glad your announcement to do less posts hasn’t turned into no posts. You had me worried there!

  2. Armelle Europe on the 26th of June 2010 @ 09:47

    Bossarocker: Thanks for the feedback, Lou!
    Don’t worry, I have no intention to stop posting, I only need a break every now and then :)

    The Zrofs (the teachers) are very funny. They write one song a month about the joys of school life but not many of them feature the ukulele. The song featured here is about having to correct tests instead of going out…

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