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Beatles Ukulele covers : 1964 – 1965

15 2010

This is the second post in the Beatles Ukulele covers series. The first post focused on The Beatles ‘ 3 first albums and today we’ll be looking at Ukulele covers of songs from the following Beatles albums : Beatles For Sale, Help! and Rubber Soul.

Beatles For Sale (December 1964)

Let’s first travel to Australia for a cover of Baby’s in Black.

The lyrics of the song refer to Astrid Kirchherr, a German photographer who met the Beatles in Hamburg. At the time Stuart Sutcliffe, one of John Lennon‘s friends from the Liverpool College of Art, played the bass with the Beatles. Astrid Kirchherr was engaged to Stuart Sutcliffe but he died in 1962 aged only 21, hence the song Baby’s in Black.

We’ll then move on to Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull) in the United-Kingdom to listen to the Hull Ukulele Group (H.U.G) performing Eight Days a Week.

Next, Tsutomu Yoshikawa from Japan covers Mr Moonlight

Leornard Masino covers What You’re Doing on a baritone ukulele, in fingerpicking style.

Help! (August 1965)

Frenchytouch from France covers You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away. The song was written by John Lennon who was then influenced by Bob Dylan.

The Earlyguard Brothers from Germany perform I’ve Just Seen a Face.

Amanda Boisen from The Barnkickers did a great cover of Yesterday.

Rubber Soul (December 1965)

Tim Koch from Sweden in a cover of the song I’m Looking Through You.

CJ Hoyle from Canada did a nice multitracking video of Norwegian Wood on ukulele, guitar and sitar !

Ashlee and Justin from the United-States cover You Won’t See me in a video where… you can’t see them.

Let’s end this post with a ukulele instrumental of Nowhere Man by WS64 from Germany

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  1. Ron Hale on the 17th of January 2010 @ 09:41

    Uh oh. Herr WS64 had better keep a close eye
    on his sagging shelves. Any time now…

  2. Armelle Europe on the 17th of January 2010 @ 10:55

    Ron : you’re right ! We’ve got a safety issue at hand here… an accident waiting to happen…

    I think Herr WS64 should avoid playing the bass or other instruments that may cause fatal vibrations…

    Maybe WS64’s next arrangement should be Dylan’s “Everything is broken”.

    Hopefully the whole thing is just a visual effect of a wide angle camera !

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