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Beatles ukulele covers : 1969-1970

05 2010

This is the closing Beatles ukulele covers post where ukulele covers of songs from the last Beatles albums, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road and Let It Be will be featured.

Yellow Submarine (1969)

Let’s enter the atmosphere of the album with a cover of Yellow Submarine performed by ArmyOfCuteness from the United-States.

Najmah from Singapore covers All Together Now on ukulele, melodica, shaker and xylophone.

Learn how to play All You Need Is Love with Michael Lynch‘s tutorial (MusicTeacher2009).

Abbey Road (1969)

BaronK from Sweden does a very bluesy cover of Come Together

Brook Adams perfoms I Want You at the Santa Cruz Ukulele Club. Quite faithfull to the original !

A jazzy version of Something played by John Mallo

Canjest from The Philippines covers Here Comes The Sun.

Whitney from the United-States and her rendition of Oh! Darling

Let It Be (1970)

Let It Be was the last Beatles album to come out although it was actually recorded before Abbey Road.

Luke and Ely do a ukulele duet on Two of Us

A ukulele instrumental of Across the Universe by degcon with beautiful pictures of the universe, a good reminder of how small we are.

The first ukulele player from Israel to be featured on Ukulele & Languages, Omer Rosenbaum plays The Long and Winding Road

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