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The Bernadottes, Sweden and… ukulele

18 2010

I am writing this post on the 17th of May which means that my Norwegian readers might find it rather strange _ if not slightly offending _ that I post about Sweden today.

Syttende mai (17. mai) is Norway‘s national day, a day when streets  fill up with children brandishing Norwegian flags all around Norway in memory of the 17th of May 1814, date at which the Constitution of Norway was signed and Norway declared an independent nation.

However, my attention this week was captured by a Swedish band named The Bernadottes. Just to share a bit of history, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was a French marshal who, by a intricate twist of fate, became the Crown Prince of Sweden. The Bernadottes refer to the royal family of Sweden.

The Bernadottes, the band, not the royal family, have uploaded two songs so far which I found rather nice. Thanks to Al from Uke Hunt for bringing this band to my attention.

The first song is Impulskontroll, with Nanna Johansson (vocals)  and Kringlan Svensson (vocals, guitar and ukulele).

Their other song is Pojken med inåtpekande fötter, which could translate as ‘The boy with feet turning inwards

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