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Brazil tour of ukulele songs, Marisa Monte

14 2010

That settles it : I can’t take more snow! Let’s spin the globe and find a warmer destination…. Right, give me time to pack my suitcases, hop on a flight ! Today we’re headed for Brazil ! Who’s coming along ?

Firstly, a bit of samba with Brazilian pop singer Marisa Monte‘s warm and rich voice in her hit Universo Ao Meu Redor

A few _ too few _ Brazilian ukulele videos have cropped up thanks to Marcelo Silva‘s Brazilian Ukulele Contest over on Ukulele Brasil.

Here is Kzma‘s entry, a song called O poste apaga quando eu passo. The lyrics are displayed for you to practise some Portuguese.

Alexandre sings Itapecerica da Serra at a ukulele gathering in São Paulo.

More Brazilian pop with Gabriel Guerra performing Olá.

Time for some fingerpicking with French Valéry Sauvage playing a traditional Brazilian children song called Samba lelê.

This website features the Portuguese lyrics to the song along with a translation in English and a YouTube video of the song performed by children.

For more videos of Brazilian artists using the ukulele, please check Marcelo‘s blog here.

Looking for ukulele songs from a specific country? Try entering the name of the country in the search field at the top right of this page.

To see all the posts for a specific country, click on the appropriate flag on the sidebar (flags are sorted in alphabetical order).


  1. Acilius on the 15th of February 2010 @ 01:07

    Those are some great videos, Armelle. KzmA really got me and Mrs Acilius moving.

    Oh, and we’re sick of snow on this side of the Atlantic, too!

  2. PotofBasil on the 15th of February 2010 @ 01:40

    Well, no snow here in the Napa Valley, I really
    feel left out. Take your Fluke along to Rio, Armelle, some very nice photo possibilities there. On a Carnival parade float, perhaps at the statue of
    Christ the Redeemer and, of course, at Ipanema beach. And, naturally, post them here…

  3. Acilius on the 15th of February 2010 @ 16:11

    @PotofBasil: I second that motion!

  4. Armelle Europe on the 15th of February 2010 @ 18:20

    Acilius : glad Kzma could shake off some of the snow :)

    PotofBasil : Don’t feel left out. We could try to send you some if you insist… although it is supposed to melt here before the end of the week.

    Acilius and PotofBasil : Forgot a couple of details in my brilliant plan to travel to Brazil : budget and absence of holidays.
    Looks like I am condemned to travel virtually. Maybe one day… and if I do I’ll think about some pictures.

  5. Marcelo Silva on the 15th of February 2010 @ 22:28

    Hi Armelle

    You surprise me again. Thanks for the lovely post, I guess uke player is called Fernando not Alexandre.

  6. Bia on the 15th of February 2010 @ 22:53

    No, he’s Alexandre, not Fernando! Fernando is my boyfriend and Alexandre is our friend. He’s awesome! He’ll be very glad when he see this!

  7. José on the 16th of February 2010 @ 02:24

    Itapecerica da Serra is a great tradicional song of Itapecerica City, and Alexandre play it very well!

  8. Marcelo Silva on the 16th of February 2010 @ 13:33

    Ooops. My mistake!

  9. Armelle Europe on the 16th of February 2010 @ 18:47

    Marcelo : glad you enjoyed the post :)

    Bia : Thanks for confirming that he is indeed Alexandre. And yes, cool playing !

    José : Thank you for the information about the origin of the song.

  10. Altamir (KzmA) on the 18th of February 2010 @ 19:50

    hey there!
    Thanks for posting my video!! I´m very glad to see people like it, even it´s sang in portuguese!
    thank you very much!
    KzmA ( Altamir)

  11. Armelle Europe on the 18th of February 2010 @ 20:43

    Altamir : You’re welcome. Nice video ! And I am glad you sang in your native language ! Good idea to display the lyrics too. I hope you’ll do more ukulele songs in Portuguese in the future.

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