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Classical and Fingerstyle Ukulele World Tour

23 2016

How about a relaxing weekend travelling around the world to the sound of some great classical or fingerstyle ukulele videos ? Three continents are represented in today’s selection which comprises work by composers as well as original arrangements. Enjoy !

1. Belgium

Herman Vandecauter performs a ukulele arrangement of a Corrente, an Italian courtly dance from the 17th-18th century as well as a Giga from a partita by Filippo Sauli.

2. Korea

A very pleasant Study in C Minor arranged by 이인하

3. Germany

Allemande in Dm by G.F. Handel performed by Roland Völker and Dennis Schütze on ukulele and guitar. This video is an excellent illustration of how ukulele and guitar complement each other.

4. Switzerland

Wilfried Welti performs a lively Russian Folk theme, Korobeiniki (Коробейники).

5. United States

Wil Forbis plays Justine’s garden, a baritone ukulele instrumental.

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