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Danish ukulele songs

30 2009

Denmark is not too exotic a place but it’s been quite hard to find ukulele songs in Danish. But after many attempts, I finally found two :

41 – Danish
Firstly this short ukulele song : Ukulele sangen by Dan Andersen.

The video displays the lyrics so you can learn some Danish

Next is this nice song, adapted from a known Danish song called “Det var en gang en abe” (There once was a monkey). I wish it were a bit longer.

One might wonder why there aren’t so many ukulele songs from Denmark. This might be the beginning of an explanation.

And for non Scandinavians, another aspect of Danish as seen by Luca from Italy in this video :

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  1. acilius on the 2nd of July 2009 @ 03:48

    You have a very good site. I congratulate you!

  2. Armelle Europe on the 2nd of July 2009 @ 06:43

    Acilius : Thanks a lot for the kind words! I’m glad you like the blog !

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