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Emily Cole, the Uke Box, Al, Yamaguchi : Weekly Ukulele World Tour

31 2010

This week’s Ukulele World Tourwill start off in Europe, with a lovely voice from Ireland and a Dutch song by the Uke Box.

Featured as well some excellent ukulele instrumentals from the UK and Japan as well as a live performance from Brazil.

Ever wondered how Nepali singing would combine with the uke ? Today is your chance to find out.

Country: Ireland / Language: English

Kitchen singing with Emily Cole singing Little Kočko.

Just noticed today that a very good live performance of this song had been uploaded so I’ve added it as well.

Country: The Netherlands / Language: Dutch

The Uke Box cover a song by Dutch songwriter Jaap Valkhoff called Diep in mijn hart

Country: United-Kingdom

One who definitely doesn’t need to learn how to woodshed on the ukulele, my friend Al from Uke Hunt playing Dueling banjos.

If you’d like to attempt playing this piece yourself, Al has put up the tabs on his website.

Read my interview of Al Wood here.

Country: Japan

Some jazzy ukulele from Japan with Tomoo Yamaguchi. Thanks to Misha from UkuleleGeorgia for the link to this video.

Country: Brazil / Language: Portuguese

Thiago Phetit and his band perform Fuga n°1

Country: United-States / Language: Nepalese

An interesting combination of Tibetan-like singing and ukulele strumming by sakahari singing नेपथ्यको लाम्पाते सुरती

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  1. Al on the 31st of October 2010 @ 15:29

    Ha ha ha! I saw that woodshed video earlier. She’s doing it all wrong – she’s smiling.

    I love that Emily Cole song. I featured a different version yesterday. Wish I’d seen the kitchen version first because the backing vocals work really well.

  2. Armelle Europe on the 31st of October 2010 @ 15:45

    Al: Did you just laugh? Wow !
    I really like that Emily Cole song too.I’ve noticed you’ve also featured Tomoo Yamaguchi in yesterday’s Uke Tube. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ve been reading Uke Hunt for too long ;)

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