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English-speaking countries Sunday uke tour

11 2010

Today I have concocted an English-speaking-countries uke trip which I hope you will enjoy.

1. Ireland

A fun original song by Barry from Dún Laoghaire _ I swear, it rhymes! _. It’s such a long time since I left Ireland now that I have to double check the spelling. Time flies !

The song is called Anywhere The Weather’s Not Too Bad. Warning : some instruments shown on the video can be misleading.

2. United-Kingdom

UkeTubeUK does a cover of Minnie the Moocher with excellent mouth trumpet skills.

Jimmy from the Bobby McGees, wrote a nice original song on a baritone uke. It’s called Fine Feelings.

Tony performs a great old folksong called The Owd Woman from Yorkshire (also known as Marrowbones).

Reading the description of the video is a must so you can learn about the background of the song and its lyrics.

If you are wondering about the  ‘Yan Tan Tethera, Mether Pip Azera,Sezar Akkera Contera Dick’ bit, read this and be surprised !

3. New-Zealand

Come along and discover New-Zealand landscapes to the music of the Backyard brothers.

4. Australia

This cover of Streets of Your Town, a song written by Australian indie rock band The Go-Betweens and performed by Melbourne duo The Transit of Venus, will let you visualise what Melbourne looked like some years ago.

5. Canada

Nice melody and vocal harmonies for this original song from Vancouver, Scoundrel, by the PondsMeadows

6. United-States

A song that has definitely given me an earworm, Undead by Craig Robertson. Great voice, ukulele, catchy song, what more can you ask for ?

This song is from Craig Robertson ‘s new CD Better Liar which is due to come out in late April.

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