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04 2009

Today I am inviting you to listen to fingerstyle uke from all around the globe and to find out the latest news/videos from the fingerstyle ukulele players that I have interviewed this year.

Firstly, let’s travel to the Andes with Herman Vandecauter skillfully exploring another musical style, with 3 beautiful arrangements of pieces from the Andes. The tunes are played on a Kiwaya-KTC2 that Herman has just acquired.

Read Herman‘s tips on ukulele fingerpicking here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

While we are in Latin America, here is a ukulele improvisation from Mexico, combining fingerpicking and strumming.

Moving north to the United States, Tim from Texas has just uploaded a lovely Ukulele Holiday medley : Carol of the Bells, Angels We Have Heard On High, and Greensleeves.

Read Tim‘s interview here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Still in the United States, Curt Sheller has arranged a ukulele solo version (fingerstyle + strumming) of Feliz Navidad, a very popular Christmas song from Puerto Rico, written in 1970 by José Feliciano.

Curt Sheller‘s arrangement of Feliz Navidad can be found on his website.

Shifting continents, let’s move to Asia for more Christmas ukulele fingerstlyle with Japanese Gawasiman who has just uploaded a cover of a pop song by Japanese rock band B’z. The song is called Itsuka no Merry X’mas.

You can find Gawasiman‘s handwritten arrangement for the song here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Moving from Japan to Korea, the amazing Changsoo Kim is playing a ukulele version of a Hungarian Dance from Brahms. This video is not so recent but since I’ve only just discovered it, thanks to Sam (kissing88) from Korea, I’ll post it anyway.

Spin the globe again and we find ourselves in Europe.

Young and talented Jamie Holding from the United-Kingdom has just written another e-book titled Blame Still Not My Uke . This e-book contains 20 renaissance pieces arranged for the ukulele (High G), longer and more difficult to play than those from his first e-book Blame Not My Uke.

Buy his ebooks here. Check his free arrangements here.

Read his interview here.

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

Wilfried Welti from Germany has recently uploaded a beautifully played Air from Handel‘s Water Music on his Glyph ukulele.

Read Wilfried‘s interview here.

Ken Middleton from the UK has organised a competition to give away a Kala-KA-SSTU soprano travel uke he has won on Ukulele Player Magazine. You have until Tuesday 8th of December, midnight GMT to enter. It looks like I won’t enter since there is one of the tunes I have failed to recognise so far… ah well. Good luck !

Watch Ken‘s video for full details on the competition and for a full review of the Kala KA-SSTU soprano travel uke :

Read Ken’s interview here.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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  1. Herman on the 4th of December 2009 @ 21:37

    I like Gawasiman !

  2. Flamby1er on the 6th of December 2009 @ 10:33

    Ok it’s a post about fingerpicking but I have to admit that I love the strumming of the lady from Mexico :))

  3. Armelle Europe on the 6th of December 2009 @ 11:46

    Herman : glad you enjoyed Gawasiman

    Flamby1er: I love the combination of fingerpicking and strumming. There shouldn’t be any boundaries between the two. Maybe I should create a new category called strumpicking ;)

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