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Folksongs, Chamorro, Hungarian: Weekly Ukulele World Tour

01 2011

Focus of this week’s Ukulele World Tour will be on folk songs. I really like folk songs as they often relate real-life stories, thus revealing a fragment of a country’s history and culture.

I love it when ukulele players who upload videos give full details about the background of the songs they are performing. I have found a nice selection of these for you to enjoy this week.

Nice language finds this week too with a ukulele video in Chamorro and another in Hungarian.

Country: Australia / Language: English

Here is a lovely English folk ballad performed by eugeneukulele on a Mya Moe mango resonator ukulele.

I found the sheet music for this song here but the lyrics are quite different. There seems to exist several variants of the song.

Yet another performance by eugeneukulele, Cotton Mill Colic, an American industrial ballad written in 1926 by Dave McCarn. The song describes the often difficult financial situation of mill workers.

Lyrics and information about the song can be found here.

Country: United-Kingdom / Language: English

Keston Cobblers Club perform their new track, The Shoemaker’s song at the Museum of Kent Life, in the old forge.

Keston Cobblers Club have announced that they will film a number of videos at the Museum of Kent life.

Another video from the UK, ukulele player itallstartedthere performs a 1928 song by American singer and poet Harry McClintock.

Information on the song, called Rocky Candy Mountain, can be found on Wikipedia.

Country: Guam / Language: Chamorro

Time to discover a Malaysian-Polynesian language with a video in Chamorro, a language spoken on the Mariana Islands.

Jamesbamba covers a Chamorro song by JD Crutch. The song is called Nånan Måmi.

Country: Hungary / Language: Hungarian

An utterly different style of music, here is some Hungarian with a performance by madafaka122, a song called lélek lebegő which, according to Google Translate, means ‘Floating Soul’.

Country: Germany / Language: German

It’s about dinner time here now so it seems appropriate to wrap up this post with a vegetable ukulele animation from Germany.

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