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Germany Ukulele Sessions – Kleinholz

17 2012

Al from Uke Hunt recently sent me a link to a German Ukulele YouTube Channel called VISIONSMagazin. The channel features ukulele sessions from the Kleinholz project (new ukulele videos every Monday). The concept is to ask various artists normally playing the guitar to play one of their songs on the ukulele.

Here are some sample videos from the channel in various styles and languages. Thanks to Al for finding this YouTube channel.

Frank Turner from the UK sings Sailor’s Boots. You can hear his live guitar performance of this song here.

A trio from Trier, Love A in a bathroom performance of their song Nachbarn (neighbours). Watch this performance with their usual set of instruments. It’s quite interesting to see how they still manage to recreate the punk feel with the ukulele.

Another trio, from the US this time, Chuck Ragan, Dave Hause and Joe Ginsberg perform Prague (Revive Me) on ukulele, harp and beer bottle. Hear another version of the song here.

William Fitzsimmons performs You Still Hurt Me  in ukulele fingerpicking style. You can hear the original guitar version here.


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