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Instrumentals by French ukulele players

29 2009

This is the closing post of the French ukulele week and we’ll be looking at Ukulele instrumentals performed by French ukulele players.

But first, for fresh news of the French band Cocoon, currently touring in Australia, a review of their Melbourne gig is available here via . Nice to read that Cocoon managed to win their Australian public over especially after reading this : “Though with two French bands on the bill you can be forgiven for expecting the music to be the sterotypical French fare”.

Anyhow, back to ukulele instrumentals with Valéry Sauvage and his cheerful paintings which will brighten up your Sunday. This piece by Thomas Briggs called Circus Jig, was originally written for the minstrel banjo and arranged for the uke by Rob MacKillop.

Mrpalimpseste performs a lively When the Saints go Marchin’ In on a Kiwaya KTS-4.

This waltz, very nicely played by Émile on a Francis Salabert ukulele from the 1920’s, was written by René Sylviano.

Finally, this piece written by Frédéric Henry for Bosko and Honey‘s Join the Safari Contest.

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  1. caresa on the 22nd of June 2013 @ 20:19

    Please Help! My husband has a Francis Salabert ukulele that has been in the family for years….I’m trying to find information on it and have came up with nothing. (it looks very much like the one being played by Emile)
    Thank you

  2. Armelle Europe on the 24th of June 2013 @ 11:41

    @caresa : Have you tried contacting Emile via his YouTube channel ? I don’t have any information myself on this type of uke I’m afraid.

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