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March Ukulele World Tour : Fingerstyle Uke

28 2012

The focus of this World Tour will be mainly on instrumental fingerstyle ukulele from around the world but I’ve also featured a couple of  other videos with singing.

1. Poland

Pawel‘s ukulele arrangement of Sen o Warszawie (The dream about Warsaw) by Czesław Niemen performed on a Makapili koa tenor ukulele.

2. Belgium

Herman Vandecauter invites us to a trip to Santa Cruz de La Palma with his beautiful arrangement of a menuet, La Jalousie, by Spanish guitarist Santagio de Murcia (1673-1739) played on a Kiwaya concert ukulele.

3. Switzerland

Another great performance by Wilfried Welti who plays Planxty Burke by Turlough O’Carolan on a Flea ukulele. Wilfried informs us that he is working on an e-book in which the tabs will be included.

 4. New-Zealand

David Beckingham performs his original Phoenix Blues on a Makai MC-90 mango concert ukulele.

5. Australia

I really love this original blues by dreadlockandload, well played and with very amusing lyrics. She clearly doesn’t have anything to envy the sopranos. The song is called Alto Blues.

6. Iceland / Language: English

Svavar Knútur covers a song by Halla Norðfjörð called Let’s Walk.

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  1. Kate M on the 20th of November 2012 @ 01:48

    Hi there! I just googled myself (as you do :P ) and found that you featured me here (I am dreadlockandload)! Thank you! I am so pleased that people are enjoying my music! You can find more of me at the following links :) Thank you again!
    – Kate

  2. Armelle Europe on the 20th of November 2012 @ 18:52

    @Kate M : Thanks for leaving a comment. I really enjoyed your song, the sense of humour in the lyrics as well as the music :)
    Thanks for the links, we’ll check them out.

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