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Merry Christmas !

24 2009

Merry Christmas !

I believe that by now you are sated with Christmas songs of all kinds, ukulele or not.

So here is a selection of ukulele videos for those of you who do need a break from the Christmas festivities.

Our first destination is Jakarta, Indonesia, with this cover of a song called Kolam Susu by Indonesian band White Shoes and the Couples Company.

Next, let’s take a flight to Egypt where we find the Felukuleles, a merry ukulele group inviting us to visit the Old Bazaar in Cairo.

Ever wondered what the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin would sound like on a ukulele and in Ukrainian ? Here is your chance to find out with Eugen‘s rendition :

If you’re afraid of dozing off after over-eating, this ukulele cover of Chop Suey by Armenian-American Rock band System of A Down should wake you up :

If you’re after a different style of music, why not try seeso‘s hip hop ukulele cover of Big Poppa by The Notorious Big ?

More into classical music ? Here is Wilfried Welti‘s take on Grégoire Brayssing‘s Fantasia.

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